Who We Are – Pooch Threads

Pooch Threads is a dog clothing company focused on providing our furry friends with warm and stylish clothing to keep them comfortable and safe. 
Pooch Threads carries an extensive line of ever-changing dog clothing that includes sweaters, shirts, jackets, coats, costumes, pajamas, dresses, raincoats, beds, and more!  Feel free to browse our dog collections to learn more about our brand!
Pooch Threads was founded by two loving and dedicated animal lovers. Pooch Threads is now owned by Cassandra G. and Kimberly P who are also two loving and dedicated animal lovers. Kimberly is the proud owner of a handsome, feisty Yorkshire Terrier named Blue and Cassandra is proud owner of a rescue cat named Tickles.  Pooch Threads allows them to couple their creativity with their love for dogs and cats to provide you with a wonderful dog clothing shopping experience.