Seven Simple Things You Can Do to Make Your Dog Happier – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


Research claims that dogs are more like us than we can imagine. This means they need reasons to be happy as much as we do. However, while we humans grow out of getting happiness from simple things, dogs don’t.

So if you want to make your little furry friend happy, you just need to make a little effort.

Here are some ideas for you in case your dog is not having the best day:

1.  Let Your Dog Swim

Buy a small baby pool for your doggo and let him splash around. Always keep it filled with clean water and put your dog’s soft toys in there. This way, you can always allow your dog a little splashy treat when it is feeling down.

2.  Walk, Walk, Walk

Dress your dog in its best doggie outfits, and take it out for a walk. Nothing works better to lift up their mood than meeting new people, looking at passing cars and just enjoying a social life. And if you are busy, then just take them along with you. Picking up the kids, grocery shopping and running errands with your dog are not only fun for them, but for you as well.

3.  Shower Your Dog with Praises

Dogs stress out as much as we do. Hence they need to hear how good and special they are. When you see your dog just lying in one spot doing absolutely nothing, go to them and shower them with praises. Pet them, say good things to them and it will help them feels secure and loved.

4.  Bath Time

Give regular baths to your dog. If they fear water, this will help them come to terms with it. Bathing will make them feel fresh and clean. As an added bonus, your pets will have fewer allergens and fleas on their coat. And it’s so much more fun to pet a clean dog that smells amazing.

5.  New Treats

When treats become old, they don’t remain treat anymore. You dogs need something new in their life. Introduce them to new treats after every few months. This will not only excite the dog every time they see you with a new pack, but you’ll also get to learn about their taste preference.

6.  Hide & Seek

Dogs are such simple creatures. They find happiness in the smallest of things. Just a game of competitive hide & seek will get them excited and running around the house looking for you. Get everyone involved and you’ll see how fun it is to become a child every now and then.

7.  New Clothes

Some dogs are extremely fashion forward and just love it when their owners bring them something new to wear. If your dog is the fashionable kind, then buy doggy clothes and accessories for them frequently. Dog pajamas for sleeping, dog jumpsuits for when going out, and dog sweaters for winters etc.

Dress them up and see how excited they get every time you reveal a new clothing item for them.

And that’s it. Try these simple yet heartfelt things for your dog and make their day.