How to Tell Your Dog Needs a Jacket – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


Dog clothes and accessories are more than just for fun. Warm clothing articles, such as jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts can actually save your pet.

Dogs are as vulnerable to weather changes and cold seasons as much as us humans. The only dogs that can actually survive harsh winters are ones bred for it.

If you have dogs like the Alaskan malamute, Siberian huskies, St. Bernard, Samoyed, and Mastiff then they are good to go without jackets.

However, in extreme cold conditions with temperature below zero, even the winter breeds need some warm help.

The remaining ones might just be asking you for warm clothes in the following cases:

·   Reluctant To Go Outside

If your dog is refusing to budge and wouldn’t move towards the door, it’s trying to tell you something. If your dog is otherwise very happy to head outside then it just might be the cold that is bothering your dog. It’s time to dress your pet in doggie jackets and coats.

·   Shivers

Your dog shivering is a dead giveaway that it needs something to warm down.  If your pup does not like jackets and coats, you can dress them in T-shirts for dogs.

·   Short Coat of Hair

If your dog has a very short coat of fur on it, then winter could be an uncomfortable season for your pet. Pups like boxer, Italian greyhound, Chihuahua, Boston terrier, schnauzer, Rottweiler, Bloodhound and many others are not bred for cold seasons.   

If you have any of these dogs as your pet, it’s best you buy winter doggy clothes and accessories for them. And of course, jacket is a must for them on chilly days.

·   Rainy and Snowy Location

Do you live in that part of the world where it constantly rains and snows? If yes, then it’s best to dress your doggy in warm jackets at the first sign of weather changing. Sweatshirts for dogs and raincoats would be a better idea in case of rain.

Your dog would likely get sick if you don’t take safety precautions in unstable weather like this.

Kind of Jackets 

There are also some rules to the kind of jackets your dogs need. First off, make sure they are the right size and fits snuggly. Also make sure that the stomach area of the dog as well as the back is covered. The legs should be kept free to accommodate walking.

The type of fabric also differs, depending on the location. In snowy and rainy areas, parkas and water-resistant fabrics are the best.

Ditch jackets and sweaters when the fur coat of your dog is already too thick. Dress them in lighter material.

Remember that if your dog is reluctant to wear jackets and sweaters, it’s best to stick to sweatshirt or even T-shirt.  

Making your dog feel excessively warm can be a disservice to them. Find the right balance in your dog attire. They should never feel too warm or too cold. You can buy cheap pet clothes for dogs to test them out.