How to Keep Your Dog Cute – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


You might have the fiercest dog, but at the end of the day it’s the cuteness that melts your heart.  It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have because you can make sure it is oozing with cuteness all the time.

From German Shepherds to the teacup Pomeranians, we have got you covered into guiding you to keep that pooch of yours the poster boy for Pooch Cuteness. Here is what you need to do:


Get your dog groomed

Nobody wants to see a shabby looking dog. People will think it’s a stray feral dog rather than a domesticated or trained pet. If you want to let your dog have all the attention, cuddles and petting then make sure to get it groomed regularly.

This should include bathes, cleaning the ears, teeth and clipping the nails.  Brush your dog’s hair regularly to avoid shedding. It would be better to brush the hair outside your home especially if  you have carpets to avoid any hair sticking to it.


Get doggie clothes and accessories

What better way to make  your canine buddy look adorbae and cute than getting some dog clothes and costumes. you don’t have to wait for Halloween or any other special event to get dog attire. If there aren’t any cheap dog boutiques near your home then you can look for dog clothes online.

There are tons of pretty and cute dog dresses and shirts that you can choose from to make your dog the star of the show. You can get sweaters, t-shirts and collars with trinkets hanging for your pooch and it will look like it deserves its own Instagram page.

Teach some cool tricks and obedience

Training your dog tricks is something that every pet owner must do along with teaching it obedience. Dogs are territorial creatures and its their nature to show dominance by exhibiting different behavior such as barking at you, trying to topple you and in many cases, even trying to hump your legs.

They want to show their alpha nature because they have a pack mentality. It is your job as a dog parent/owner to show who is boss and never let your dog try to dominate you. The best thing to dois to train obedience as early  as possible so it never shows any signs of hostility and  dominance.

Basic tricks include sitting, stopping, running, playing fetch, rolling over, shake hands, high five, dance etc. Doing these trick and showing the to  others is going to make that precious pup of yours so adorable.


Socialize them with people

Domesticated dogs must  be socialized with people. Dogs that are not used to positive human interactions turn out to be very hostile and are prone to bite strangers. They feel threatened and act on their natural instinct.

Fortunately, they are highly adaptable and social creatures as well so you can train them easily.

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