How to Dress Up Your Dog – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


Dressing up your dog is one of the most fun and cutest things to do as a pet owner. Whether it’s shopping for cheap pet clothes online or picking them out from a pet boutique. dressing up your dog shows how much you love and care for it.

They are just like family members, so getting them some clothes will only make them cuter than ever.

If you want to know how to make sure your canine buddy looks like the first prize winner at a dog fashion show, then follow these handy tips:

Measure your dog

A good fit is crucial if you want the dog attire to look good. Start by measuring your dog’s neck. Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of the neck.  Make sure to remove the dog collar before doing so in order to get an accurate measurement. Write the measurement down in inches because many shops that sell apparel for dogs use inches as their standard reference of measurement.

Next up is measuring your dog’s full length. Start by the base of your dog’s neck to the start of the base of the tail.  Minus 2 inches from the measurement and you have got the perfect measurement.

For measuring the dog’s girth, just place the tape around your dog’s mid-section or just behind the front legs. Measure it all across from the upper end to the lower. The girth or chest measurement is the most important measurement because it determines what size shirts, coats and dresses it can wear.

Now with the help of this measurement, you can buy so many adorable dress shirts, coats and sweaters for dogs. Sizes vary by brands so it is best if you take accurate measurements and follow the size chart to see what would fit you doggo.

For cold weather

Coats and sweaters for dogs are a must if you want to protect them from falling sick. Choose parkas if it’s really windy and if your dog doesn’t have much fur. It is very important that your dog dresses up if you are going for long walks on a chilly day.

If your dog has double or triple coat then opt for dog booties to keep their paws warm.

Don’t miss out on the holidays

No matter what event of the year it is, be sure to dress your dog up in cute clothes for the occasion.  There are online shops that sell clothing for dogs to wear on every occasion that you should check out.

Think about functionality

Don’t just pick any dog attire out for your furry pal. You must make sure that your dog is also comfortable and the clothing is functional. If it hinders your dog in doing regular activities or if your dog doesn’t enjoy wearing it then it is best to just leave that one out.

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