Great Things Do Come in Small Sizes: Five Reasons to Adopt a Small Dog – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


Are you debating over getting a big dog or a smaller one? Are you slightly leaning towards the smallish doggie but just need some more convincing?

In that case, we are here to give you five more reasons to adopt a small dog. Here you go:

1.  They are Affectionate

Don’t let famous socialites fool you with their teacup pups, dressed in designer pet outfits for dogs, and looking in the world peeking from inside a thousand dollar, handbag.

When you see small dogs this way, you can’t help but think of them as accessories. And that’s where you are wrong. Little dogs are actually so much more affectionate and give one of the best cuddles. They love you because, in this big world, you are the one who makes them feel safest.

2.  Low Expense of Food

We all know the struggle of loving dogs but not having enough to provide for them. So you end remaining dog-less. But small doggies actually eat a lot less than big ones. A 15-pound bag of food would last two months for your tiny friend. So if you are a little short in the pocket, don’t worry, these small friends are low maintenance.

3.  Best playmates

Are you the energetic type who always wants to be doing something remotely fun? Is hiking, mountain climbing, working out, running and jogging your thrills in life? If yes, then small dogs and you will get along just fine.

Don’t judge these tiny dogs by their size. Their energy level can give any bigger dog a run for their money. They are super-fast, they jump super high and they are a little ball of energy. If you take them up for a hike, you won’t need to carry them down on your back. They’ll be right beside you with little feet but fat gait.

4.  Best Walking Partners

Walking with dogs is fun. But if you are the kin who do like to be nagged then consider getting a smaller dog. Yes, they might be yappy but they won’t pull you during a walk. You can enjoy a nice little walk at your own pace, and the little guy/gal with you will be equally happy.

5.  They are Cute

Who doesn’t have a weakness for cute things? And tiny little dogs are just personification of cuteness. When you dress them in their soft, colorful doggie outfits they look cute enough to break hearts.

Halloween and other dress-up occasions are just so much more fun with a little dog. They attract attention and have the star power to gather a crowd around them.

Like we said, just because these little dogs are small, does not mean they are any less. Just like big dogs have their charm, small dogs too have their cuteness. And the best part about small dogs is that they’ll remain the size of puppy their whole life. Cuteness is not something little doggies can ever grow out of.