Five Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Dog This Summer – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


You think summers are just for you? Wrong! When you are busy, your dog spends all his time standing at the window waiting for you!

Can you imagine? You coming home is the highlight of their day, and a little walk outside is the only fun they get.

Now that the summer’s here, and you are planning your vacations, don’t forget to plan something for you and the doggo.

Read on and find out all the ways you and your pet dog can have fun this summer together:

1.  Hike

Are you going hiking? Take your dog along with you!

Not only does hiking allow the dogs to use all the energy somewhere, it also strengthens the bond. You’ll have a fabulous time looking at the mature and working your leg muscles as your dog will enjoy all the exotic smells. They hardly get tired and you can have a very healthy conversation on the hike. Nothing makes you bond with your dog like hiking does.

2.  Beachside Shenanigans

The world is full of dog-friendly beach and you can take your dog there to have a refreshing swim alongside fellow dogs. Let them shine and socialize and you can have a good time right beside them.

And when you two get tired, retreat to the beach and play fetch on the sand or you can simply build sandcastles together. This entire ordeal will leave you and your dog with a happy glow.

3.  Kayaking

Are you more of a lake and river kind of a person? Don’t worry, your dog is right up there with you. One of the best things you can do with your dog in the summer is go kayaking with them. Dress them in their summer dog outfits and let your dog enjoy the view as you paddle away.

This way, you won’t just be enjoying a splendid time with your furry four-legged friend but will also be giving your arms a solid workout.

4.  Camping

Don’t ever leave your dog behind when going camping. This is their forte and they would love to sniff, enjoy views, and collect some woods for you.

They’d also bark heir head off in case they see a danger approaching.

5.  Search For Events

Thankfully the world is full of dog lovers and many of them are event planners. Whether you are at home or traveling, look up dog events. You’ll find someone arranging a “bark at the park” or a dog-friendly race or opening up a dog restaurant. These events won’t just allow your dog to have a wonderful time, but will also allow you to meet equally loving and enthusiastic dog owners.

What are you waiting for now? Buy some vacationing shoes and clothes for your dog, pack their things right alongside yours and have a summer worth remembering.

We guarantee you, traveling with your dog will be so much more fun than traveling solo. They are a man’s best friend so you just don’t leave them behind!