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Posted on by John Bertoli

Celebrities might get all the attention but guess who gets their attention?

It’s their cute and fluffy dogs of course!

 Some celebrity dogs even have their very own Instagram page. These celebrity dogs have been pampered and have been dressed to impress. Some are decked out in bling while others are wearing cute t-shirts. If you want to make your dog look like a celebrity and Instagram worthy then take inspiration from the following:


This cute teddy bear looking dog is Katy Perry’s pooch. He looks so adorable and ready to go for a walk with his famous singing mama.

 He is rocking a perfectly well done athleisure look in this one.



Emu (Mumu for short)

This is Miley Cyrus’s patriotic dog Mumu. You can clearly see he is down and ready for some 4th of July celebrations. It’s like he can’t wait to go outside and hoist the flag.




This dog belonged to the late actress Carrie Fisher. The famous Star Wars actress used to take him to different interviews frequently. He has some serious style going for him.



Fitz and Chloe

These cute doggos are always dressed to the nines because their designer mom Lauren Conrad makes sure their style game is on point.

These little sailors are sure to melt anyone’s heart.




Another patriotic dog to the list is by none other than Lady Gaga. She was part of Coach’s ‘Coach Pups’ campaign for their new line of dog apparel.

Aren’t clothes for girl dogs the cutest?



Diamond Baby

When it comes to Chihuahuas then no other celebrity has got a better game other than Paris Hilton. Dressed as a ballerina, Diamond Baby sure lives up her mama’s name.

You can dress up your pooch the same way but without spending a lot as there are cheap pet clothes for small dogs easily available online. 



Mr. Butler

He might be named Mr. Butler but he is treated like royalty and is always dressed so stylishly. This is Olivia Palermo’s adorable little dog.

You too can dress up your dog winters as there are so many cute coats and sweaters for dogs available.





If the tennis ball and towel doesn’t give it away then let us tell you that this precious pooch is Venus William’s dog Havanese. As you can tell he is sure to be a tennis star in the making just like his mama.




Dog attire aside, let’s look over this lovely and decked out in bling dog. Marc Jacobs sure knows how to make sure his dog Neville looks fashionable like his dad everywhere he goes.




This dog was adopted from a shelter by Emmy Rossum and loves to enjoy his time with his mama. He is dressed immaculately everywhere he goes and is always excited to play fetch.



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