8 Reasons to Dress Up Your Dog – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


If you have a pet dog and you haven’t thought about dressing it up then you and your dog are missing out on the joy of it. Here are 8 reasons why you should be dressing up your cute pooch:

1.   It shows your pet’s personality

If people wear clothes that reflect their personality then why can’t it work for animals?

It does! Whatever the style you think it will suit its nature, just go for it. If you have a female dog then there are so many cute clothes for girl dogs that you can find and dress it up.

2.   Your dog doesn’t mind it

Tempted to try some dress shirts for dogs? Do you want to try some dog pajamas for your pet? No need to wait as you can easily buy dogs clothes online. You would be surprised that there are so many people have drawers full of dog attire for their beloved pets.

The best part is that your dog will not resist to all those outfit changes!


3.  It’s cold

Yes, dogs feel cold as well. Just because they have double or triple coated fur on them does not make them completely immune from the cold outside. If you are headed out for long in the winter then all the more reason to look up some adorable coast and sweaters for dogs online as well.

4.  Gets attention

What dog doesn’t love some extra attention? If you dress your pooch up in cute dog attire then it will be center of attention at any gathering. It will also be a great conversation starter. If you are going to a dog fair then you have to have  your pooch dressed to the nines.

5.  Add some variety to your dog’s life

Going for a walk, playing fetch and doing tricks are all good but you can really add fun to the mix by dressing your canine buddy up in different types of dog attire. It will be a great addition to enjoying life with your pet.

6.  Different holidays can be fun

Whether it’s Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or Halloween, you have all the more reason to dress up your dog. It works out great for the pictures. You’ll even have something for the holiday cards as well. Whatever the occasion, there is an outfit for your dog that you can try.

7.  Represent your favorite sports team

What better way to show love and appreciation for your favorite sports team than by dressing your dog up in its shirt? If you are dressing up to show support then your dog should too!

8.  Matching outfits

Play twinsies with your dog by dressing it up in the same clothes you are wearing. It will surely be Instagram worthy. Twinning with your dog is going to look a bit extra but will only show how much you love it and can increase your likeability factor.

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