7 Reasons Why Dogs Can Make You Have an Awesome Life – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


If anyone ever wonders about getting a pet then the first thing that comes to mind is always a dog. Man and dog have been the best of companions for thousands of years. Dogs can be your best friend and your protectors.

 If you or anyone you know needs convincing why they need an adorable pooch in their life then these 7 reasons are solid enough:

1.  They teach you responsibility

One of the first things you will learn when you get a dog is responsibility. You will have to feed it, clean it and groom it. One of the perks of having a dog is that you won’t be a carefree person and will prioritize things accordingly. If you already have enough responsibility such as kids then get it for them so that they learn how to be responsible as well.


2.  They provide you with great companionship

Dogs are social creatures and love social interactions, whether it’s from other dogs or from people. If you are living alone, then the only one to remove that loneliness is a dog that you can play around with. Plus having a dog pans out great if you are single and looking to date. Studies show that people that have dogs are deemed as instantly likable to others.

3.  Help you fight the blues

Having a pet dog reduces stress and increasing endorphins in the body. This is especially great for people that suffer from tension, depression and other stress related issues.

4.  Playing buddy for the kids

Every kid loves to have a dog and so will yours especially if there are no other siblings. Dogs provide the comfort and companionship to the kids whenever they need them and your kids also grow up to be animal loving adults.

5.  Dogs teach loyalty

If there is one trait that is embedded deep within a dog and to the bone, it has got to be loyalty. Their loyalty stems from their love for you and they would  do anything to protect you. You can always cound on them to be there for you.

6.  You can pamper them and dress them up

It works both ways. Your dog loves you and shows his loyalty towards you while you, on the other hand, can pamper and care for it as well. Dress it up in cute doggie outfits such as coats and sweaters for dogs etc. Shopping clothes for dogs is as exciting as shopping for yourself. They look so adorable in their little shirts and pajamas that you can fill you Instagram with their pictures alone.

7.  You love dogs but never got a chance to have one

If you have been thinking about getting a dog for the longest of time then it is now or never. If you are just looking at dogs or petting them and wish you could have one, then what is stopping you? Unless you are allergic to fur then there is no reason for you not to adopt a cute pooch.

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