7 Brilliant Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


Are you getting married anytime soon and have yet to decide what to do with your dog?

Well don’t worry. Your little furry four-legged friend can actually do a number of tasks and make your wedding forever memorable. Neither you, nor your guests will be able to forget the day. And your dog will jump happily for days after.

So make everyone’s day by considering one of the following roles for your dog on your wedding day:

1.    A Walk down the Aisle

If you want to attack your guests’ heart with excessive adorableness then clothe your pet in wedding dresses for dogs. But that’s not all. Allow your dog to open for you by walking down the aisle first. Make sure the card around his neck says, “Here comes the bride”

If that doesn’t melt the guests’ heart, nothing else will.

2.    Save the Date Cards

If your dog is the shy type and is likely to end up hiding rather than fulfilling his doggy duties then here’s another options. Include him in your save the date cards. Pets are our families, and it would be awesome if they can become a memorable part of your wedding cards.

3.    Ring Bearer

Don’t have a flower boy or girl in your close family? No one you know who can carry the ring for you? No worries. Your fluffy pet can perform the duty exceptionally–and adorably–well.

All it needs is a little training and your little dog can be your mighty ring bearer in his dog clothes.

4.    Your Best Pal

A cute pet dog doesn’t even need to do anything to be included in your wedding. Just tie a little comfortable red bow around their neck and allow it to be your pal all day long.

Any shot with a cute dog becomes ten times better. And it will definitely add an X factor to your wedding.

5.    Greeter

If you are blessed with the most social little dog, then let it be the greeter extraordinaire at your wedding. Teach them to shake hands and do a little happy twirl for the guests.

You can even be a little witty about it and clothe them in a dress shirt for dogs with dark rimmed glasses. A wise dog greeting the dog will surely set the right mood for your wedding.

6.    A Special Member of Your Bridal Party

 Doesn’t a bridal party include all your best friends? In that case, your little doggo has no reason to stay behind. Make sure it is treated in the most special way.

 This is all as exciting for your dog as it is for you!

7.    Save a Dance for Them

Make your pet the star of your wedding by saving a special dance for them. Make sure to dress them in the best outfits for dogs to make them shine.

Regardless of what you choose for your furry friend, make sure they are not forced to do or wear anything they don’t want to.