6 Ways Your Dog Shows Love – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


Dogs are the most loveable creatures on the planet. They have been man’s best companion for thousands of years.  No other animal has come so close to people. A pet dog can offer you the best kind of comfort, no matter what type of day you are having.

 Dogs love their owners so much and are willing to do anything to please them. If you ever wondered how dogs show their affection other than wagging their tail or coming to you for cuddles then here are 6 interesting ways they show that:

1. Following you around

Dogs are social animals and love all sorts of interactions whether it’s from other dogs or with people. When your dog seems to be following you around frequently then it shows that it loves to be around you.

That itself is one of the biggest signs of its love towards you. If they don’t see you all day then they would especially want to be around you even more.

2. Licking your face

Dogs love to lick people’s faces to show themselves in a non-threatening way to humans. Puppies tend to lick more than adult dogs. Dogs also lick each other to groom themselves so if they are licking you then that means they care and love you enough to want to groom you.

 It is their way of showing that you are part of the pack.

3. Jumping

Dogs literally jump with joy whenever they are around someone they love or want to show their excitement. Most dogs are usually trained not to jump but sometimes they would still do it. If you go away for a couple of days and return home then your dogs will most likely jump towards you to express how much they missed you.

Puppies like to lick their mother’s face and eyes so as they grow up they would want to jump at you to lick your face because they think of you as their parent now.


4. Roughhousing

Roughhousing is simply your dog’s way of playing with you. This would include wrestling with you in an affectionate manner. Dogs do this with other dogs and puppies and if they are doing this with you then it means they love you and want to express themselves in a loving way.

5. Sleeping with you

All canines sleep together. This makes them feel warm and safe so if your dog exhibits a behavior of wanting to lie down or relax with you then it means that not only it trusts you but loves you a lot and wants to be near you. Sometimes dogs also stick around their owners when they are sleeping and just like to watch over them.

6. Leaning against you

It can be a bit of a problem if people have big dogs but it’s their way of showing and asking for your attention.

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