6 Things Your Are Doing Wrong When Dressing Your Dog – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


Owners of pet dogs get the pleasure of dressing up their doggo and making them look even cuter than they already are.  The whole thing is super fun!

And we are not just talking about dressing them up for Halloween. We are referring to putting them in everyday doggie outfits like dog jumpers, and doggie jackets and coats.

Do you know that there is even such a thing as dog fashion?

If you are not careful, you might end up making your dog look fashionably challenged and someone just might alarm the animal fashion police!

Here are some of the things you might be doing wrong when dressing your dog:

1.  Dressing Them in Only One Kind of Pants

Do you know that your dog can wear pants in two styles? In one style, they can only have two pant legs, on their hind legs. Their front legs would be free.

In the other style, all four legs would go inside the four-leg pants. However, if you are going for a walk on wet day, make sure they cover all fours and prevent from getting wet.

2.  Not Accessorizing enough

Dressing does not always mean donning a pair of pants and shirts. In the case of your dog, you can actually just wrap them in a scarf and glasses and there you have it, your very own Harry Dogger.

3.  Dressing Them Just On Special Occasions

If your dog loves to dress up then there’s no reason to not dress them every day. There’s a large range of comfortable clothes and shoes for dogs by Pooch Threads. Dress them up and they can just hang around the house looking beyond adorable.  

4.  Now Twinning With Them

Nothing says I love thee than dressing the same way does. It might be a little too late to have a twin, but you can always dress the same way as your dog.

It’s fun to do so, it’s adorable and it’s one awesome way to make heads turn. And it isn’t too difficult either. Just buy sweatshirts for dogs, and buy similar kind for yourself and voila! Instant twinning!  

If you want be a little more extra, you can even have your hair dyed the same color as your dog.

5.  Not Measuring them Correctly

Just because they are dogs who don’t complain much, doesn’t mean you can dress then in clothes that don’t fit.

Take your dog’s measurement in account before dressing them up.

6.  Head Gear Can Be Irritating

Wearing a hat on your head all the time, or a hood or a cap is extremely a nuisance. If you are dressing them for a normal day at home, ditch the head gear. It could be irritating.

 And that’s it. If your dog loves to get dressed up and get all the attention then leave it hanging. Dress them in their best and let them enjoy life in style.