6 Fun Games to Play with Your Dog – Pooch Threads

Posted on by John Bertoli


The excitement of getting a new dog slightly dwindles down because you don’t know how to entertain them! You have some ideas but you’re not sure how safe they are.

You can’t just leave your precious pet alone. Dogs require your time, love and attention just like any other member of the family. Here are 6 cool games that you can play with your canine buddy:

1.     Flirt pole

Flirt poles are an easy way to get your dog busy and tired. This might seem like a sneaky tactic but it’s good for their energy levels. Otherwise they will want to vent out their energy in other ways such as by chewing your shoes or furniture etc.

A flirt pole does exactly what it’s named after. It entices the dog to touch and wrestle with it. It is basically just a stick with a rope attached to it on the other end. It piques your dog’s interest to the point that it would want to keep on playing with it until it gets tired.

 It acts as a good stimulus and is also works great for exercising your dog. This is a high impact game so make sure your dog is not too old or has any joint problems before playing.

2.     Tug of war

Tug of war is not just for people, but for dogs as well. Just grab a strong rope and let it hold it in its mouth and while you pull it towards yourself.


3.     Frisbee

This is basically an advanced version of fetch for your dog. It makes your dog super active! Every time you take out the frisbee, your dog is bound to get excited knowing he is about to play with it. This game is best played in a backyard or in a park to cover long distances.

4.     Chasing bubbles

This is one of the easiest games one can play with their dog. You can teach it how to chase bubbles by simply blowing a couple of them in the air and pointing towards them to encourage it to chase it. Dogs love to hunt and chase for things so these bubbles will keep them occupied.

5.     Water games

Dogs are natural swimmers and they love water most of the time. Take them to the beach or if you have a pool and play some water games with it. These could be water fetch, dog toys or to save you from drowning.

 Even just splashing around the water is a fun activity for them.

6.     Find and eat

This game is about hiding your dog’s favorite treats in different places and making it search for it. You will have to put some treats on the ground and tell your dog to sit or stay. Point towards the treats and say the release command. Let the dog sniff it and then put the treat in a different area of the room. Let the dog find it and eat it.

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